Everyone is welcome! Pleas Join us on Sundays for Sunday School and Worship! Also on Wednesdays for Bible Study! Check out our Ministries and outreaches to possibly get involved in those as well!


Our mission is helping find their way back to God and to grow in their faith! 

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We've seen the transformation hundreds of times - People who came to us full of doubt and uncertainty became secure in the knowledge of their rightful place in God's right Kingdom. The change may start slowly - in a Bible Study class or Worship Participation perhaps - but once it begins, It picks up speed! The good works, shared experiences, time spent in prayer - all bring us to our highest calling!!

​Take the first step towards personal renewal - Join us for services!

Dupont church of the Brethren was founded long, long ago on the new testament book of Acts.......

Steve Heilshorn

Senior Pastor


 9:00 am - Sunday school
10:00 am - Sunday Worship
7:00 pm - sunday Evening Bible Study


​7:00 Pm - Wednesday Night Bible Study



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​Chris Murphy

Chris is the Secretary! She has been working at Dupont for 15 years!

If you have a  prayer request or concern feel free to email us the request!

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